Managing duties in a new light

What’s the difference between these two types of people:  those who make something big out of their lives and those who are so eager to do it but never succeed? It’s having just a grain of playfulness added in all their life situations.

I use the word play on purpose because it brings so many layers and possibilities. Once when we were kids we all had our own games and loved to play in a certain manner. We were excited, freewheeling, and alive. Have we kept anything from this young kid?

As we have grown up our roles have changed, life has become stressful. We are engaged in many fields of life: family, work, house, friends. We love all those roles but life sometimes becomes bitter and we would love somebody to spare us from that. You can get more info here. In fact, we are the owners of our own destiny. So, it’s possible to develop that positive and playful spirit in everyday life.

Simple rules on being playful while having many duties

Naturally the question arises: “How can I be a barrel of laugh in these demanding and pressuring times?”  Playfulness is not essentially about being funny, but more about those three things:

Forget about being in control or controlling others. Nothing can be achieved on that path, you can not control the way people act, the mess in your house, the quality of certain products, life.

Be responsive. Be present. Don’t tire yourself with future plans and projects. You cannot do five things at a time or multiply yourself to be present in different places. The best you can do is to undividedly be present at the moment.

Be brave. You will see your chance or seize the opportunity, don’t worry. In fact, acting playfully is acting bravely with a payoff in the form of fun. While having fun you are on the road of happiness.

Be honest to yourself

Look for solutions, don’t procrastinate.

If you can not manage to do something, admit it to yourself and delegate it to somebody else. People are usually more friendly than you expect them to be if you are ready to help them in return.

Don’t overthink your decisions, forget about the what ifs, accept your mistakes.

Act full-heartedly wherever and whatever your goal is. Stay positive.

Don’t forget to have fun

If you love dancing under the shower, make it integrated in your routine before or after fulfilling the duties.

Music is an easy way to let loose and it decreases stress. So, sing out loudly, sing from the deepest part of yourself. Play around it. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Get creative. Even if you are not talented, so what. Just let yourself go, get involved in the process. Ease your pain of being so busy by cutting off duties with fifteen minutes of craft activities.

Crack jokes as often as possible. In front of others or just for yourself with a vacuum cleaner in your hands. Learn more than you thought you wanted. Make funny faces in the mirror, don’t be afraid to be silly.

Don’t forget to treat yourself

Promise yourself to go for a walk in the woods, walk, and observe the nature that surrounds you.

Once done with a hassle of daily duties go for a coffee or a glass of wine or for whatever dessert that pleases you.

Go shopping, if that makes you feel good.

Just keep in mind to reward yourself with small things.

Stick to your own promises.

Choose whom with you surround yourself

Choose the people that share the same values as you.

If you cannot manage to do something, admit it to yourself and delegate it to somebody else.

Be with someone who knows that home is mostly a place for entertainment and that those everyday duties shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your life.

Always value those who can crack you up and make you laugh.